•  Count Patrick d’Aulan comes from a family with a 150 year tradition in the wine making industry in France. His family owned Piper Heidsieck, the famous champagne house until 1989. In 1998, Count d’Aulan founded the ALTA VISTA winery in Argentina, from which, in 2001, he pioneered the creation of single vineyard Malbec wines from Mendoza.

• Since that date, the 3 Alta Vista’s single vineyard Malbecs have been regarded by the international specialised wine press as benchmarks of terroir expression of old vines.

• After extended research on historical Malbec vineyards in Chile, in 2012 Patrick d’Aulan crossed the Andes with his partner, Frenchmen Didier Debono.

• Didier Debono, a native Bordeaux winemaker, has worked in prestigious wineries from the Bordeaux region for many years. In 2002, the d’Aulan family selected Didier to become Head Winemaker of their prestigious Alta Vista winery in Mendoza, Argentina. His experience includes positions at Château Clinet and Croix du Casse in Pomerol, and Classified Growth Saint-Emilion Château Sansonnet (owned until 2008 by the d’Aulan family).

• In 2012, the pair founded the ALTAMANA winery in the Maule region of southern Chile with the aim of resurrecting century old Malbec vineyards which were planted by the pioneers of the Chilean wine industry in the last century.

• In order to secure the best vineyards, d’Aulan and Debono have teamed up with José Manuel Donoso and Laurent Teillet, two well-established growers from the Maule region.

Patrick D’Aulan y Didier Debono

Patrick D’Aulan and Didier Debono

José Manuel Donoso and Laurent Teillet

José Manuel Donoso and Laurent Teillet